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dean winchester meme: 4 recurring themes identity and self-worth


"are you looking for me?"

He’s a weird, dorky, little guy.”


We Are Not Ourselves Live Q & A [x]

To my first love, and my last, Dean Winchester. These are the things I want to tell you: the human body is 60% water. The number of neurons in one person is the rough equivalent of the number of stars in a small galaxy. There is 0.2 milligrams of gold in your blood. The heart is an elaborate engine. I love you. [Written by: Nhixxie, Art by: Cloud]

Wake up, it’s time, little girl, wake up
All the best of what we’ve done is yet to come
Wake up, it’s time, little girl, wake up

I carved you into a new animal, Dean. There is no going back.

Dean Winchester is Saved
by mostly10 

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