profound bond;
i'd rather have you, cursed or not.

Castiel Jimmy Novak Appreciation Posts ~ 7/∞

   spnedit      jimmy novak      howboutnovak      sunlitcas      mishangeles      mine      *      *spn      cas appreciation      serena i hope you don't mind that i tagged you ;u;      pastels      1k      5k   

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Castiel Appreciation Posts ~ 6/∞

   spnedit      casstark      chestiel      howboutnovak      sunlitcas      castiel      yep i'm still working on this      mine      *      *castiel      cas appreciation      8x22      my bby      pastels      and marina i hope you don't mind me tagging you in this ;u;      1k   

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Castiel Godstiel Appreciation Posts ~ 5/∞

   castiel      castieledit      spncastiel      spnedit      supernatural      godstiel      mine      *      *castiel      cas appreciation      7x01      pastels      is it me or does the second one really look like 'get in my bed now'      what am i even thinking      1k   

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Castiel Appreciation Posts ~ 4/∞

   castiel      spncastiel      castieledit      spnedit      supernatural      mine      *      *castiel      cas appreciation      6x18      tbh idek if i like this      but he looked so pretty when he's angry uwu      and someone just asked me to tag this as      pastels      okay here we go :)      1k      5k   

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Castiel Appreciation Posts ~ 3/∞

   castiel      castieledit      spnedit      mine      *      *castiel      cas appreciation      7x23      my pretty bby ;u;      1k      5k   

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Castiel Appreciation Posts ~ 2/∞

   casstark      castials      howboutnovak      oakenstiel      starlitcas      castiel      5x02      everytime i giffed 5x02 cas i cried a lot b/c of his beauty      mine      *      *castiel      cas appreciation      1k   

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Castiel Appreciation Posts ~ 1/∞

   casstark      chestiel      howboutnovak      starlitcas      spnedit      castiel      as a cas!girl i think i should make more gifs of cas      so here we go      new series yay      and crystal i know you're working on this too so i just hope this is okay?      mine      *      *castiel      cas appreciation      5x18      he's so pretty in this scene aww      1k   

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